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Calcus is made from series of useful microbial & fungal culture which disintegrate and breakdown organic waste ( farm , animal , forest and food waste) by aerobic process , into compost in short span of time. It is free from synthetic chemicals and harmful pathogens.

Municipal Coroporation waste (MSW) can be effectively and efficiently converted to compost with application of calcus. The time required for composting varies from 4-7 weeks depending on nature of waste and external factor.

Application Process

  • One Kg of Calcus is recommended for one MT of organic waste by

    organic waste decomposer


Application in wet waste :

Waste with 40-45% moisture can directly be treated with 1kg of Calcus

Application in dry waste:

Mix calcus in 25-30KG water and spread it on dry waste.

  • Heap size of 7-8 Ftx 10-12 FT is preferred after mixing the calcus with waste. Mixing calcus with MSW will cause rise in temperature upto 60-70degree . In case there is no rise in temperature , process must be repeated . Mixing at 10-15 days interval will accelerate the process.
Storage: Store Calcus in Cool dry place . avoid direct sunlight.
packing : 1kg/ 10Kg

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