Agrovita-Plant Growth Promoter Agrovita is derived from chosen blend of bioactive plants with multitude of biological properties. Agrovita displays enhanced crop protection and plant growth promotional activity resulting in higher crop yields and better quality as Agri- Produce. It reduces the need of chemical pesticides and fungicides thus providing pollution free environment.

The nano particle of Agrovita goes inside the plants making them more strong and bold by extracting more nutrients from soil and atmosphere. Thus the plants stand against all odds and give better quality and higher yield.

  • Agrovita is certified for NPOP standard by APEDA approved certification agency One Cert.
  • Botanical input for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) & Growth without environment pollution.
  • Stimulates and promote metabolic activity of plants
  • Improves uniformity in fruits size, shape & reduce the detects.
  • Increase resistance and plant's ability to combat Biotic & Abiotic Stress.

It is a plant biomass based agro input responsible for plant growth promoter and insect and fungal control. It contain peptides, aliphatic acids, essential oils, long chain fatty acids, alcohols, diesters, phenolics, carbonyls, unsaturated hydrocarbons (C -C ), 16 20 dioxolanes, and several others. The multi-component synergistic composition of AGROVITA exhibits wide ranging insect repellent, insect growth regulatory and behave or modifying activity, as well as plant growth promotion activity.

Successful field trials have been conducted, in replicated randomized blocks by leading agriculture universities of India, on various agricultural, horticultural and floricultural crops. Superior results were obtained on vegetative growth, increased flowering, and total crop yield. The performance of Agrovita is measured to be at par with standard chemical insecticides is particularly recommended against various insect pests such as whitefly, thrips, jassids, aphids, red spider, mites infesting , in range of agriculture, horticulture and floriculture crops. Presence of phenolic group in Agrovita control range of fungal infection.

Growth 2 ml/ Litre (1:500) repeat after regular intervals (12-15 days).
Control 4 ml /Litre (2:500), repeat if required after regular intervals (10-15 days).
Available 250ml, 500 ml, and 1000ml regular intervals (10-15 days).

AGROVITA is recommended as IPM & Plant Growth Regulator to be used 2-3 times at vegetative and pre-flowering stages of plant. For better results, the growing crops leaves need to be drenched with Agrovita during foliar spray. The quantity of spray may vary depending upon crop size and area. In event of rain within 24 hours of spray, repeat spray. Spray early in the morning or evening on a rain free day. Avoid mixing with chemical pesticides